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Day 1 of OH Mission Trip- On the Road!!!

While the team is traveling they will be engaging in Gospel conversations at each State Line. Pastor Patrick has planned for the team to read scripture verses and discuss them along the way. On here we will have them all posted so you can follow along and pray for us each day!!

There are also daily devotionals for Monday- Thursday, and those will be posted here as well.

The mission team is the following: Pastor Patrick and Kari Bottoms (and their 5 kids: Elijah, Ethan, Hannah, Ezra, and Abigail), Jay O'Neal, Mike Elliot, Keith and Jerri Haws, and Bethanie Allen.

If you want to download all the road trip cards and have them, they have the dates and the borders we will be crossing as we travel there and back. Here is the link to that. Or you can follow the blog posts.

State Line Bible Verses
Download PDF • 135KB

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